About Back Pain

What Are The Different Types of Back Pain?

Back pain can be divided into two types: Central (axial) pain and Peripheral (radicular/radiating) extremity pain. Many patients have both types.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can have several causes. However the most common cause of back pain is age. Other lifestyle choices can also result in back pain: poor posture, ill-advised or awkward lifting, being overweight, or an accident.

How Can I Prevent Back Pain? 

To prevent back pain maintain good posture, exercise to keep your core flexible and strong, follow a healthy diet, and pay attention to your weight.

What Causes Acute Painful Vertebral Compression?

The most common reason for vertebral compression fractures is the presence of osteoporosis; other less common causes are trauma and cancer.

What Causes Facet Joints Issues?

The facet joints in our back and neck have cartilage that allows our back/neck to bend, twist, and flex. As we age, these joints can become degenerative or arthritic – the cartilage loses fluid and height, which can lead to a bone-on-bone condition often resulting in bone spur formation and chronic neck or lower back pain. Facet joint arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic neck or lower back pain.

What Causes SI Joint Issues?

Degenerative arthritis/inflammation of the SI joints is a common cause of chronic low back/buttock pain. Patients often complain of chronic low back pain, groin pain, and sitting intolerance without associated leg pain.