Summertime Back Pain Tips


Summer can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year, but for some with back pain it’s not enjoyable at all. Simple activities exacerbate your pain. You probably know which activities make your back pain worse. So, we thought we’d share some tips to help you enjoy some of the most popular summertime activities – and minimize your chronic back pain.

  • Events: Summer is the time for America’s favorite past time, baseball. Unfortunately, going to a game can be a disaster for your back. Stadium seating wasn’t designed to take our different shapes and sizes into consideration. So, if you are allowed to bring in cushions or seat pads bring one! The extra padding and support helps alleviate strain on your back so, instead of being distracted by your back pain, you can cheer on your team.
  • Travel: Summer is one of the busiest times for families to travel. With the kids out of school and nobody really wanting to be at work during the most beautiful time of the year, this gets people in the mood for vacationing.
  • Car: If you are taking a road trip, be sure to give yourself time to stop and see the sights. Sitting for long periods can take its toll on your back. Also, when packing the cooler full of snacks throw an ice pack in for your back as well.
  • Plane: Even if you do not have to use the bathroom it is good to get up and walk around on extended flights. Also, making sure your feet are at a ninety degree angle while sitting will help reduce pain in your lower back. Asking for a pillow to rest your feet can help you reach that degree.


There are also some beneficial activities that are great for managing your back pain (assuming that you have your doctor’s approval). Things the whole family can do or you can enjoy solo.

  • Swimming: Getting to the pool or a nearby lake can be one of the best activities for your back in this summer. The “weightlessness” effect of water supports your body so you can  mildly move your muscles through the waves. You build muscle strength without the stress of gravity.
  • Bike Rides: Hopping on your bike and taking a ride around the neighborhood can help those with lower back pain. There are also many different types of bikes that enable those with back problems to enjoy a bike ride. Some people may find a bicycle with a forward-leaning position is most comfortable, while others may prefer recumbent bike that reclines.  Check out your local bicycle store and ask which models they recommend. Make sure you test ride before you buy.

Take your summer back this year. Don’t let back pain stop you from enjoyed all  that summer has to offer.

If you are experiencing back pain, it is important to see a doctor and find out exactly what is causing the pain. Once the cause of pain is found, your doctor will recommend a treatment plan that fits your needs, including exercises that will improve your condition.

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