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Angela’s Story


Angela suffered relentless fatigue. In fact, she didn’t realize how horrible she constantly felt because it had become the new normal for her. She was extremely anemic and, due to lack of iron, was suffering from pica, a debilitating eating disorder. Unexpected spotting and blood clots caused Angela constant worry and she endured heavy menstrual flow. And if she stood up too quickly, she often felt dizzy and saw spots. After years of suffering, she made the decision to seek treatment.


Angela visited the Indiana Fibroid Center to find a solution for her health concerns. She just had to find a way to improve her health and put an end to her discomfort. Following her visit with Dr. Karen Ehrman, an appointment was scheduled for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).


“I feel amazing now,” she said. “I can’t remember the last time I felt this great!”

Angela was extremely impressed with the doctors and staff at the Indiana Fibroid Center. They answered all of her questions and made sure she felt comfortable throughout the procedure. She was especially surprised at how rapidly she noticed an improvement in her health. “I was warned that I might be in some pain after the procedure, but I’ve had little or no cramps since. The healing process was quick and relatively painless.”

Angela said she would highly recommend UFE to anyone experience similar health issues.

“I’ve lost more than 40 pounds because I’m able to work out again. I have normal periods, I’m off my iron supplements, and I no longer get dizzy,” she said. “And the best part – now I am able to start a family.”