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Susan’s Story


Susan was suffering from daily fatigue, discomfort, and pain in her legs. She had large throbbing varicose veins that were gradually worsening. After researching the issue and learning about the long-term implications, she made the decision to seek treatment.


Susan went to the Vein Center of Indiana with specific expectations, namely that she wanted a minimally invasive procedure. Susan didn’t want to have surgery and with her busy schedule didn’t have the time for the two-week recovery.

After seeing Dr. Ehrman’s name in the Top Docs feature in Indianapolis Monthly magazine, she decided to come in for a consultation. She had looked into several treatment options and was intrigued by EVLT (Endovenous Laser Therapy), an outpatient, non-surgical procedure that took about one hour. Susan was also relieved that the procedure didn’t require a lot of medication. Following her consultation, she made the decision to have the procedure


“My legs feel like they did 10 years ago,” she said. “Now I don’t have the discomfort and fatigue that I had before my treatment.”

Susan was extremely pleased with the professionalism from the staff at the Center. She felt, through the entire process, they were friendly, accommodating, and pleasant to work with. Since her procedure, Susan has referred three other people to the Center, including her husband. They’ve all been happy with the outcomes.

“And I really liked Dr. Ehrman,” she said. “She wasn’t intimidating and has a great sense of humor.”